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if you have been involved in a recent wedding, either as a guest or vendor, keep reading!

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How to obtain a photograph from me

Request access to the gallery in question


Find the wedding in question by going to my "Client Galleries" Section. All recent weddings from approximately the past 12 months will be in there. Once you see the event you are interested in, hit their gallery and request access from there. This request will be sent directly the the wedding couple to either approve or refuse your access as they see fit.

Did you know I make zero profit from print and download sales?

Once access is granted...


Once the wedding couple have granted you access, you can browse all the images in the gallery. Digital Downloads are free to download at low resolution only. This is suitable for social media sharing and computer viewing but is never ever suitable for printing. It will look terrible. Don't print a low resolution image, they are NOT designed for this. Please ensure you have the permission of anyone featured in the image before you share it on any public forum.

In 2020 I made the decision to turn my gallery sales into a not-for-profit enterprise.

This means that for every print ordered, every album, every physical product sale or high resolution download ordered from my galleries, make absolutely nothing in profit for me. All profit margins are donated to local charities every year at Christmas time.

In 2022, £928 was raised and donated to two charities!!

Please consider using this option, particularly if you are a business seeking commercial images for printing. It is very disheartening to see image copyright being infringed through backhanded illegal obtaining of images. Particularly as, for businesses, every purchase is a Tax Right off anyway.

Professional Images have value. Every one is taken with extremely expensive equipment and edited with time, effort, care.

That has value.

Do the right thing. Keep the good Karma going!

I would like a printed image


Great idea! Printed images are always the better option.

If you would like a print, just select the size you want and you can order it directly from the gallery to your door. Prefer a High Resolution download so you can take it to your own printers? That's fine too. Both options will incur a fee and all fees from sales are donated to charity. I make nothing from print sales (see information regarding this to the left, or if viewing on a mobile phone, keep scrolling!)

I am a vendor and want to use the image for commercial purposes


If you are a Wedding Vendor and wish to download an image for commercial purposes, please feel free to download Low Resolution Images for sharing on social media in the same way as guests do; they are free! Please, have them with my blessing if you think they are helpful to your business. However, please 1) Tag me in the image 2) Do not crop, edit or apply filters to the image. It is always nice to do this as a small gesture of goodwill!

If you want any images for printing purposes, such as billboards, flyers, posters or brochures etc, please contact me directly for further details as this will incur a bit more admin.

Do you have specifc questions? Reach Out!

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The image i seek is from an event more than 12 months in the past


If the image you seek is from an event more than 12 months past, please hit this link.

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