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I love natural Photos. I feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. Will you keep it natural?


This is thee number one statement I hear from my couples!

I get this every. single. time!!!

I consider it a great compliment when people who like natural photos and are a bit shy in front of the camera come to me because they like the natural feel of my work. Believe it or not, I hate getting my photo taken too. I am sort of an introverted extrovert, if that makes sense. It is hard to feel natural, going for a walk with a camera following you. Believe me, I totally get where you are coming from. But trust me, it will be just fine. I will blend in on your wedding day. By the end of the day I will probably have shed a tear at your speeches, laughed at your banter and given you a big squeezy hug before I go. All we need to do is take time out for 35 minutes during your day to go for a walk together and get portraits. That’s it. And normally my couples are glad to get that wee bit of a breather and spend that time together. Take that tiny slice of your day to go for a walk out with me, create those memories together and they will hang on your wall as you grow old together. That’s all there is to it.

Social Media


Ah Social Media! I will tend to share images on there, chances are that is how you found me. If you are sharing your images on Social Media, there is nothing that pleases me more. I love seeing one of my images become a profile picture. But please do remember to add a tag and credit to me, and if you are being really good, do not add a filter or alter its appearance.

What time do you arrive and when do you leave?


As of 2020, I now no longer offer bit part plans and offer full day coverage as standard for all my bookings. I am there from beginning to end. That means two hours before your ceremony and about 35 minutes after your band has hit their first note. After that, normally people want to party in peace with no more photographic evidence! How long is this in practise? Normally a 12 hour day minimum. Usually more.

Are you insured?


Absolutely. For your peace of mind as well as my own.

How do we book you?


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I'll show you the beauty you've never noticed in yourself

I'm a self taught portrait and lifestyle photographer, with a special love for natural light and minimalism. My style is editorial and airy. I truly believe that there's no such thing as a not photogenic person. Portrait photography is an art of discovering a person, observing and finding those features that make them so unique and special. Then you just grab a camera.





Enjoy the day and get photos after

Confirm dates and sign a contract

Schedule a quick call to discuss details

Fill out the form to submit an inquiry

The editing process is very slow and laborious for me. I am a perfectionist. This is why I now take on less dates! I want to be able to deliver your images faster but never compromise on their quality.

After we have met and you feel I am the Photographer for you, we will confirm the booking via contract and booking fee.

Before a formal booking, I like to have an informal talk via Skype or in person. It is good for you to get a feel of my vibe as a person, not just my work! I will be with you for hours on the day. It is important we are a good fit.

Contact me regarding your Wedding and tell me all about your vision for your day.

I offer one luxury plan as standard which contains the best of everything

`the Best Of Collection

I offer a small number of dates per season for considered couples interested in the finer details of Fine Art Wedding Photography and Heirloom Creation.

This is an Investment for the future. Your story, the best of who you are on that one all important day.

That's why I pride myself on Quality over Quantity and will only shoot at select times of the year and offer the best of everything I have to offer for a small number of couples.

Additional Extras

(includes but not limited to)

Service includes

- Full Day Coverage
- Film and Digital Photography
- 650+ images hand edited in my signature style

- Images delivered via a private online gallery, fully downloadable for the clients

- A Fine Art Heirloom Wedding Album as Standard

- Second Shooter for additional coverage
- Engagement Shoots

- Additional Albums, eg, Parent Albums

- Additional time, eg Rehearsal or After Party

Starting From:

Starting From:



Price on request